Dylox 6.2 works by both contact and ingestion. It rescues and protects lawns and turf from grubs and certain other insects that feed on them. When watered properly, this product can even penetrate thatch up to 1/2 inch thick and kill off grubs in less then 24 hours. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT ORGANIC. Dylox 6.2 Granules can be safely used around pets as long as you follow the label instructions; all pets need to be out of the area while application is being made and they can return as soon as the application is dry. Grubs burrow deep into the soil and rest through the winter. Some move as much as 12 inches below the surface. If grubs are left untreated they will become June bugs or Japaneses beetles depending on the grub type.

  • Works faster than competitive curative products
  • Has a longer effective application window than most competitors
  • Kills second and third instar grubs on contact, as well as listed surface-feeding and soil insects
  • Helps stop damage from predators such as skunks, birds and raccoons
  • Net Wt. 20 lbs. (100% recyclable bags)


Apply when Grubs are active and feeding. In Nebraska this can be from end of July through September

For lawns: Apply 2-3 pound per 1000 square feet


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