Lincoln Nebraska Natural Lawn Care

January 8, 2023
  • Lincoln-Aerate

Lincoln Nebraska

Do you need Omaha Organics lawn care products or services in Lincoln Nebraska? You are in luck. Omaha Organics now offers all services and products in Lincoln Nebraska and surrounding areas.

You may have seen our trucks, trailers and technicians in Lincoln last season. Omaha Organics was proud to partner with Mike’s Organic Lawns during the 2022 season while our Technicians were introduced to Lincoln and assisted Mike’s Organic Lawns with fertilizer applications. For the 2023 season, Omaha Organics has fully acquired Mike’s Organic Lawns and will be taking over full-time and making all of our products and services available in Lincoln.  We’re excited to expand our service area and provide Lincoln clients with the greenest lawns possible both in appearance and environmental impact. 

Omaha Organics’ mission is to set the new standard in lawn care by helping consumers enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, safe, sustainable, and healthy lawn. Organic lawn care is a complete system of products and management practices that work together to create healthy, well-balanced soil that supports a beautiful, thick and strong turf stand. Our goal is to provide clients with beautiful, safe lawns which have the least amount of negative environmental impact possible. Omaha Organics achieves this goal by using 100% plant-based fertilizers and soil amendment products that increase drought tolerance thus requiring less irrigation than chemical fertilizer products, and advice on the best lawn management practices according to industry standards and research. Outside of lawn care practices, we are also mindful of the environment by recycling our fertilizer bags, reducing fuel consumption, and minimizing the use of paper in our office. Through these simple methods, we can provide you with a green lawn with minimal negative environmental impact. This makes us the best choice for natural organic products in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Omaha Organics works with each client to dial in the most effective fertilizer and soil amendment products for each individual yard. We are able to customize your program through soil testing and lawn analysis that will provide you with the information needed to improve your individual lawn and the soil beneath. Our fertilizers are 100% natural and are for people, pets and the environment.

If you are outside of our service area you can always pick up Omaha Organics products by contacting Omaha Organics Lawn Care.  Omaha Organics realizes that going green is not just a fad, it’s the future.