Omaha Organics Owner Rob Elder

Omaha Organics mission is to set the new standard in lawn care by helping consumers enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, safe, sustainable, and healthy lawn.

As a teenager, owner, Rob Elder, discovered his passion for working outdoors and improving the outdoor experience for others. Through hard work and a fierce entrepreneurial spirit, Rob built his own brand which is known today as Omaha Organics. Rob operated a successful traditional lawn care company for several years, but after establishing a family including kids and pets that loved playing outside, Rob sought to find a new way to have a beautiful lawn that didn’t require dangerous chemicals that could be harmful to his loved ones. After lots of research, traveling the country, learning from experts and scholars, and testing several products and methods, Rob built an earth friendly lawn care program that Omaha Organics is proud to share with our family, friends and community.

Now with decades of knowledge and experience, Omaha Organics is one of the few companies to offer 100% Organic Fertilizer Programs.  This is the Omaha Organic difference! We manufacture our own products, so we can offer the best quality of all natural, safe fertilizer and soil amendment products in an easy and effective four step fertilizer program available for residential or commercial service application or direct purchase to other lawn care providers or consumers as a Do It Yourself program. The Omaha Organic strategy behind earth friendly lawn care is to create a healthy lawn with well-balanced soil where grass flourishes creating less opportunities for weeds to invade.  Our plant-based, nutrient rich fertilizers continually build the soil (unlike chemical fertilizers), promote better structure and ability to hold moisture and nutrients, and nourish soil life.

As a family owned local Nebraska business, Omaha Organics has trained and developed a whole team of knowledgeable turf care technicians and office staff that are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and experience with our clients so they too can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, safe, sustainable, and healthy lawn.

Rob Elder Head shot

Owner/Operator – Rob Elder