Thank you for helping me keep my yard looking great.  It’s greatly appreciated.  I sure wasn’t getting any good results with the other commercial service I had.  They only killed my yard off.  You have revived it, and I’m grateful.


David M.

Also, random comment – I noticed this season that our front yard looked notably healthier and greener compared to our neighbor’s yard to the north which receives regular chemical treatment, as well as the yard to the west that does the same. 🙂  I think this is the best my front area has ever looked.

Erin M.

First have to say that I have been nothing but very pleased with your lawn treatments and service. Followed your advise on cutting at maximum level and our lawn has never looked better. Also love that after a treatment I don’t have to worry about my kids, dog, or our garden. So thank you so much for that. I wish I could convince our neighbors to switch but  they seem to not care. Although I do especially when their lawn treatment is sprayed on and you can’t be outside without I inhailing toxic chemicals.  I have to say out of all the lawn services we have used. You have been the most honest, and have given the best advise depending on the season and I truly appreciate that. It is because of the honesty and the service that I will continue with you next year. I could seriously go on and on but I will leave it at this is the best lawn company I have worked with ever!!!! You guys rock.


Facebook post with this testimonial.

Rita N.

“The organic dirt we used from Omaha Organics in our raised bed totally exceeded our expectations. It was like our tomato plants and vegetables were on hormones. We have never had a better yield and we believe it was the soil that made the difference.”

Julia C.

Thanks for the prompt and informative response. As always, you guys are awesome.

Mosah G.

Thank you for your good service and last Wednesday’s mowing before our event.  The grass really looks nice! You did a great job, thanks…

Paul S.

Thanks for the info and the quick response! I wish that we had started service with you all a long time ago instead of going with the previous company!  Everything looks much, much better with you guys!

Elizabeth Y.

We plan to sell our home soon, so we won’t need your services this year. If our plans change, which they might, I’ll get back in contact with you to renew. I like the way the lawn has turned out. Looks good! If we do move, I’ll be sure and refer them to you.

David P.

Thank you the beautiful job on mulching our yard with the dark mulch. It looks picture perfect! Set against our dark green grass I am ready to take lots of pictures to upload to Facebook. Now, all we have to do is have a Patio Party!

Betsy and Jim C.

Thanks for the great job on the edging and the bushes.  The look of my yard was complimented the day after you finished all of the work.

Lynne N.


Just wanted to take a second to show you a couple pics of our front yard taken this morning. This is the best our yard has looked since we moved in in ’92.  The grass is thick in both the front and back and the color is amazing.  My husband commented on it first.  Also very few weeds these days.  Looking forward to your more organic weed killer you are testing.     Just wanted to say thanks for the great products and delivery service your company provides.   Thanks again.


Amy and Jeff S.

Amy and Jeff S.

I just wanted to let you know that with the lack of rain the past month, all of our neighbors who use regular fertilizing programs have terrible looking lawns.  They have their sprinklers on constantly, and there are tons of dead and dry spots, especially in their backyards, where I’m sure their soil is just as compacted and filled with clay as ours is.

While you’ve seen the back portion of our yard, and we both have agreed that it needs a lot of work, we now seem to have the greenest backyard around, even while maintaining our normal three times a week watering schedule.  So, I just wanted to say that I’m really pleased with the organic products you’ve put on the lawn so far, and am looking forward to seeing how the topdressing improves the lawn even more.

Jill H.

By the way, my hat’s off to all you entrepreneurs; you’re always working.

David P.

Omaha Organics is the best Organic lawn company in Omaha.  They are extremely knowledgeable and offer top-notch customer service.  I am telling everyone I know in the area to use Omaha Organics as their Organic choice.

I’m a do-it-yourselfer so I purchased the year treatment from Rob.  My two boys love to ‘help’ me mow and do things around the yard so they could actually come outside and help me apply this safe fertilizer!  My boys also didn’t have to wait a week or more before they could play outside!

I love not having to worry about touching this product if I want to spread some by hand into a few areas.

We have used Scotts, purchased from the local hardware store (4 treatment package), since 2003. In 2010 we started using our very first treatment of Omaha Organics corn gluten, and it was shocking!  I normally have my spreader on 4 3/4 for Scotts but have to use it fully open for this Organic application.  You really are putting a lot of product down and our grass loves it!!  I notice our grass is a deeper, richer green versus Scotts and it truly seems thicker and healthier.  Our friends from Illinois commented on how thick our grass was and wondered why theirs was not like that.

I am already committing to Omaha Organics as THE choice for my yard.

Tyson G.

Thanks for your proactive and awesome service!

Karrin D.

We have recently sold our home & will be closing on the house May 1. At this point in time we need to stop our contract. You guys have been wonderful and we have enjoyed the organic service for our lawn not only for ourselves but for our dogs and the environment. I will always recommend you in the future should anyone ask about organic lawn services. Thank you so much!

Jane S.

Much Thanks for all your help last month.

Rkachea C.

When I left for vacation the end of June, my grass was gorgeous! I even have a family up the street who bring their little girls down to play in the back yard because they think its a park

Elizabeth S.