Natural Organics Fertilizer Programs

February 25, 2022
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Natural Organics

What is natural? What is organic? What is natural organics? There’s a lot of buzz going around Omaha lawn companies trying to capitalize on the organic movement.  A handful of companies and suppliers are now offering a “natural organic” program. What they may not tell you is that many of those products still contain pesticides or synthetics.  The “natural organic” portion of their program and products are only fillers in the bag that also contains their synthetic fertilizer program.  The filler is usually a biosolid called Milorganite, or in other words, human waste and sewage. Milorganite fertilizer, manufactured by the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District, is one of the oldest branded fertilizers on the market.  It is derived from heat-dried microbes that have digested the organic material in wastewater.  The Milwaukee Metropolitan District captures wastewater from the metropolitan Milwaukee area, including local industries such as MillerCoors.  This water is treated with microbes to digest nutrients that are found in it.  Cleaned water is then returned to Lake Michigan.  The resulting microbes are then dried, becoming Milorganite fertilizer.  The Milorganite program is one of the world’s largest recycling efforts! We love the idea of recycling, and we are not opposed to using Milorganite, but we are opposed to companies using this product to deceive customers into thinking they are getting a “natural organic” program when all they are getting is the same synthetic fertilizer with Milorganite filler in the bag.

Are all Natural Organics equal?

As you can see, not all “organic” turf programs are created equal. Many companies advertise their products and services as natural or organic, but consumers should exercise caution. The terms natural or organic have different meanings, which can lead to confusion among consumers. The scientific meaning of organic refers to a compound that contains carbon. Another meaning refers to products derived from natural materials such as plants, animals and/or mineral material that undergo little or no processing. This second definition is the one adopted by genuine organic lawn care companies and the process you want your lawn care company to practice. Consumers should demand a full explanation of any ambiguous words or statements. Any program that contains a traditional pre-emergent, synthetic weed sprays or synthetic insect control is not a 100% “organic” program, even if it contains a portion of “natural organics” in the bag.

Healthy Soil?

Reliable companies welcome questions and provide honest detailed answers. An important question to ask which will help you separate true organic providers from the rest is, “How will your program contribute to healthy soil?” Whatever products are used, the basic idea of an organic fertilizer program is to create a healthy, well balanced soil that will support a lush and thick lawn.  The ingredients of true organic fertilizers are derived from animal or vegetable matter. They may change form throughout the manufacturing process, and may be mixed with other natural ingredients, but no chemical reactions take place to change the fundamental makeup of the ingredient nor are any synthetic chemicals or pesticides added to the products.

Is it Safe?

If you want your provider to prove that they are using a true “natural organics” program that is safe, ask them to eat some of the products and see what they say.  A true organic fertilizer program will be completely safe for you and your family, will not contain any words of caution or contain any chemicals or synthetic pesticides. Whatever lawn fertilizers you choose to use on your lawn, be sure to compare the claims of each product and service and follow the manufactures and applicators instructions. The absolute best bet when looking for a safe and natural fertilizer for your lawn is to contact a reputable organic fertilizer dealer or lawn care provider. To sign up for our organic services please contact Omaha Organics Lawn Care.