Granular Compost Top Dressing

January 1, 2020
  • Granular Top Dressing

Granular Compost Top Dressing

A key aspect of lawn care and maintenance is amending the soil to create a healthy nutrient-rich source where grass and plants can flourish. An effective way to create quality soil is to apply topdressing. Topdressing typically consists of a mixture of topsoil and compost derived from leaf and yard trimmings. Topdressing a lawn will significantly increase the soils ability to hold water and nutrients, which aids in drought tolerance, water efficiency, and helps to maximize nutrient availability for grass and plants. It also raises the organic matter and promotes beneficial microorganisms in the soil that help break down thatch and grass trimmings, and protect grass and plants from disease and grubs. Because of the root stimulation and the abundant access to moisture and nutrients, the ultimate result of topdressing will be a thicker healthier lawn.

We highly recommend and offer a great granular topdressing that will allow your lawn to reap the nutrient rich benefits of compost without the muddy mess of traditional compost. Omaha Organics uses a “Granular Compost” that is CQA certified. CQA stands for Compost Quality Assurance. It’s a designation or seal of approval given to bulk compost in North America from an independent organization called the Compost Council. CQA compost is the best of the best. The compost must be made from plant matter only, it has to go through a proper 12-18 month composting process, be turned at proper intervals and the core temperature of the piles must be maintained at all times. Random samples of the bulk compost are tested to ensure that they are free of weed seeds, insect eggs, any pathogens, any pesticides or any heavy metal contamination. Only after passing all of these tests is the compost given that CQA designation. We only use CQA compost  for our granular topdressing even though other composts are considerably cheaper and more abundant. CQA compost tends to be harder to find in large quantities, but we like using products that are of a higher quality.

Our compost is safe, natural, and earth friendly.

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