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Do It Yourself Products

In 2008 (14 years after we entered this industry), we developed our own product line.  It took two years of diligent testing and research to perfect our own brand of all natural, safe fertilizers. In 2014, Omaha Organics expanded its product offerings by becoming a Pure Elements dealer/distributor, and in 2015 we expanded and became a Calcium Products Inc. dealer/distributor.  Since then we have added a variety of other products include natural weed control options. This has allowed us to increase the number of natural turf products available in our local area, and has also allowed us to provide these products at affordable prices in the local market for our do it yourself (DIY) homeowners!

Do It Yourself Fertilizer Program

The products we use in our four- step program for full-service customers, are all available for direct purchase to the general public to be used as a Do It Yourself program. The four-step program typically consists of applications of Corn Gluten and Alfalfa with Kelp, Molasses and Soy applied. Each applied two times each through out the year.  Granular Compost/Topdressing, Horticultural Vinegar, Fiesta weed spray and Calcium products such as Gypsum, Lime, Humical and Triplicity are also available. In addition to these products, we also offer our own homemade compost, which is currently available in bulk.

Omaha Organics Natural Products

We currently offer Alfalfa, Compost, Corn Gluten, Granular Compost, Gypsum, Lime, SuperCal Humic and Triplicity. We also offer Tall Fescue Seed, Fine Fescue Seed, Bluegrass Seed, Horticultural Vinegar, Fiesta Natural Turf Weed Killer, Natria Weed Control, Natria Grass and Weed Killer, Fish Emulsion, PennMulch Seed Accelerator and Spot Gone for dog urine spots in the lawn. All of our natural turf products promote healthier soil while maintaining a safe environment for you, your kids, and your pets. Most of our products are manufactured locally, and made fresh to order.

Liquid Fertilizer

At this time, Omaha Organics does not offer liquid organic fertilizer products for turf.  After significant research, we’ve found that liquid organic fertilizer products are largely composed of water. This dilutes the nutrient properties in the fertilizer. We’ve found that it takes a significantly greater amount of liquid fertilizer to equal the nutrient benefit from a granular. Therefore, it would take a lot longer to get a measurable change in your soil, which would likely cost more in the long run. We will continue to monitor the development and effectiveness of liquid organic fertilizers. At this time, we do not recommend them as your only option of a soil fertility building program.

Do It Yourself Omaha and Lincoln

All of our DIY products and services are available in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska, and surrounding cities. If you live in the Lincoln area, please let us know and we will forward your information to our Lincoln service providers that can customize a program just for you. DIY programs in Omaha can be picked up at our location, by appointment, or we can deliver them to you.




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