Spring and Fall Clean Up

January 1, 2014

Fall Clean Up

There is always clean up work to be done in a yard, but when fall arrives sometimes the leaf clean up can be overwhelming. Let Omaha Organics take on the task. Omaha Organics will clean up all leaves, sticks and other debris off of your lawn and landscape areas with a fall clean up.  A fall clean up should be done as needed, depending on the amount of trees in your yard or neighborhood.  It is much easier to do fall clean up weekly compared to once at the end of the year.  You never know when it might snow.

95% of all leaves that fall can be mulched back into the turf or composted. Omaha Organics lawn care uses a variety of different methods to mulch as many leaves back into the soil as possible. Leaves are a great gift to your soil and building a healthy lawn, so why bag them and have them hauled away.

If you decide to do leaves yourself we suggest doing it weekly.  Spending a couple of hours doing some proactive turf care, mowing and mulching your fall clean up, will reward you with a healthier and more vigorous lawn and landscape the following spring.

If you need fall clean up please contact Omaha Organics Lawn Care. It’s recommend to get on our schedule sooner than later with this service.

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