Natural Weed Control

January 1, 2020
  • Field of Dandelions Natural weed control

Natural Weed Control

They say the best defense against weeds is a healthy lawn. Unfortunately there is not an easy, all natural weed control product that we offer as a “service”; however, prolonged use of a properly applied organic fertilizer program will reduce weeds, disease, and pests. The key to having a weed-free turf is mowing tall (5″), fertilizing, aerating, seeding, soil testing and irrigation. If all of these elements are done properly, weed control will not be a problem. However, in certain situations, sometimes you may see the need to get more aggressive with sprays.

Natria Weed Killer

Omaha Organics offers a natural weed control product called Natria Lawn Weed and Disease Control that is selective, but very affective. If you need help getting dandelions or other weeds under control as you get your lawn in shape, or just something to treat the hot spots that even healthy lawns can have (next to curbs, sidewalks, etc.), Natria might be a good choice. We have been selling this for a couple years and our customers like it. The dandelions and other weeds start to wilt and curl the same day. Natria natural weed control is a new Iron-based selective bio-herbicide with low toxicity that controls weeds, moss & algae on commercial and residential lawns, golf courses, parks, rights of way, schools, and playgrounds. Essentially you’re just over-dosing the weeds with iron.

This effective weed killer’s mode of action is to cause iron toxicity (oxidative damage) at the cellular level. Natria Lawn Weed control is quickly absorbed by the leaf tissue and transported down to the root. Toxicity of the contacted leaf tissue cells also occurs turning the leaves black or brown. This isn’t something to soak your lawn in every year since that’s just band-aiding other issues. However, Natria can be a handy, and safe, tool to have in your arsenal. We also have Horticultural Vinegar for non-grassy areas.

If you are interested in Natria or our Horticultural Vinegar please contact Omaha Organics Lawn Care.