Ted and Wally’s Premium Homemade Ice Cream

March 30, 2016
  • Ted and Wally's

Ted and Wally’s Ice Cream Supports Omaha Organics with Spring Flavors

Think green, go green and be green in 2016 by eating ice cream, and supporting two local businesses! During the month of April, buy any quart sized flavor of ice cream at Ted and Wally’s and 100 percent of the proceeds will go toward Omaha Organic’s turf fertilizer research projects. Try all of Ted and Wally’s delicious homemade spring flavors: Hungry Caterpillar, Bee Pollen, Worms in Dirt, and Monarch Butterfly. All are available randomly through out the month of April. Find Ted and Wally’s at 1120 Jackson St, or their new location at 6023 Maple St.

Omaha Organic’s Fertilizer

Omaha Organics manufactures, distributes, sells and applies the safest plant based fertilizers on the market. Our products contain no animal by-products or manures. They are safe for you, your kids, pets, and the environment. Our products are a culmination of years of research and testing to find the most effective natural, safe fertilizers and techniques.

University of Nebraska Organic Test Plots

Omaha Organics is currently testing their product in a fertilizer test plot at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln’s (UNL) research facility in Mead, Nebraska. In 2014, UNL started an organic test program to assess the impact of organic products on soil health. Omaha Organics 5-1-5 alfalfa with Kelp is one of ten products that they are testing.  There is also one plot that will receive no treatments.  The products being tested are different in many ways.

The main goal of this research was to monitor soil properties. They are also monitoring turfgrass performance because the growth of turf affects physical, chemical, and biological properties. Omaha Organics joined the test plots about six months after the program started so application rates were increased for our product that year to get caught up with the other test subjects. In 2015, our product showed great results and appeared to be superior to the other products. This could still be because of the increased application rates from 2014.  The research continues, and we are eager to follow and report on future results.

Ted and Wally’s Ingredients

Just like Omaha Organics, Ted and Wally’s uses only the best ingredients in their ice cream. Ted and Wally’s isn’t just an ice cream parlor, it’s an Omaha tradition. Since its inception in 1984, Ted and Wally’s has maintained its stellar reputation by producing endless barrels of high-quality homemade ice cream made from scratch with fresh ingredients.

Ted and Wally’s ice cream is super-premium, 18% butterfat. Their base is made from scratch, using a family recipe with all-natural ingredients. The creaminess comes from real butterfat & eggs. They do not load up their ice cream with a lot of additives commonly used to replace and feign the mouth feel of real cream and eggs, such as corn syrup, whey, non-fat milk solids & mono & diglycerides. Their ice cream is made from local dairy and eggs, and is slow-churned the old-fashioned way using rock salt & ice with less than 30% overflow (air added during the churning process). There are no artificial growth hormones in any of their dairy products. They use many quality gourmet ingredients from several local small family-owned groceries, bakeries & orchards/farms. Ted and Wally’s offer special orders to-go with 48 hour notice of any of our flavors & cater to special dietary needs.