Pure Elements OMRI Lawn and Garden Supplies

March 17, 2014
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Pure Elements OMRI Lawn Supplies

Omaha Organics is now a Pure Elements dealer and distributor for the Omaha area.  Pure Elements are OMRI products.

While Pure Elements is a new brand, their parent company, Calcium Products Inc., has been serving the agriculture and turf worlds for 25 successful years. Founded in 1987, Calcium Products is fortunate to sit in the heart of one of the world’s purest limestone deposits. In their laboratory they constantly explore how to improve the ways farmers, turf professionals and home gardeners can optimize their soil by using some of nature’s most perfect products, nearly 100% pure limestone and gypsum.

With more and more families looking for natural, environmentally-friendly solutions to lawn and garden maintenance and the organic movement gaining momentum, they saw chemical companies trying to sell their products as “safe and natural.” They knew that wasn’t right. In 2009 they made the decision to offer the same soil science they mastered in agriculture to families who desire chemical-free lawns and gardens, and the NatraTurf brand was born. Their SpotGone and HydroSave products were instant hits; they even garnered the attention of Martha Stewart, who gave them away as prizes in her “Gardening Week Extravaganza.”

As their product line grew and their focus broadened beyond turf to include home lawns and gardens, they decided it was time for a new name and a new look. Enter Pure Elements. With a name that attracts the customer looking for natural solutions and a fresh, current look, they knew these products would generate excitement and success.

And for you, they offer the peace of mind of dealing with a company with 25 years of experience and a proven commitment to both Omaha Organics and the environment.

To purchase out products locally please fill out a form on the contact page or call our office.

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