Spot Gone


Spot Gone

Spot Gone remove unsightly urine and salt spots from your lawn quickly, safely and easily. Keep your dog, beautify your lawn and get rid of the spots! Chemical-free, natural and safe for use around pets and children. Supplies calcium and sulfur, vital nutrients for optimum plant growth. Our Spot Gone is OMRI listed.

  • Helps grass recuperate
  • Helps build healthy soil
  • Safe for you, your kids, pets, and the environment
  • Net Wt. 4 lbs. (100% recyclable bags)
  • Granules / Homogenized Prills


Preventive application

1. Apply 1-2 shakes of SpotGone to the area immediately after your pet urinates. If your pet continues to urinate in the same spot, re-apply SpotGone once every two to three weeks.

2. Water the area.

3. Enjoy your spot-free lawn.

Application for damage repair

1. Apply 2-4 shakes of SpotGone per square foot of affected area.

2. Water the damaged area.

3. Enjoy your spot-free lawn.


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