Go Organic

January 8, 2012
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Go Organic

GO ORGANIC! But what does “organic” really mean when it comes to your lawn care? The idea of using organic products, liquid organic fertilizer or granular organic fertilizer, as an alternative to synthetic products is gaining in popularity. However, not all “organic” programs are created equal. Many companies advertise their products and services as organic, natural, or environmentally friendly, but consumers should exercise caution. The term “organic” has different meanings, which can lead to confusion among consumers. The scientific meaning of organic refers to a compound that contains carbon. Some companies use products claiming to be organic simply because the lawn care chemicals they are using do contain carbon. Another meaning refers to products derived from natural materials such as plants, animals and/or mineral material that undergo little or no processing. This second definition is the one adopted by genuine organic lawn care companies and the process you want your lawn care company to practice. Consumers should expect full explanation of any ambiguous words or statements. Reliable companies welcome questions and provide honest detailed answers. Perhaps the most important question to ask to separate true organic providers from the rest is, “How will your program contribute to healthy soil?” So, go organic today, but make sure you really understand what organic means for you and your lawn.

Lawn and Garden Care

Omaha Organics is dedicated to providing you with the products and services you need to “go organic”. As the field of organic and natural lawn care products continues to expand and evolve, we are constantly researching the best natural lawn care practices. We often reach out to experts in the field of natural lawn care, such as Paul Tukey of Safelawns.org, dubbed “the godfather of natural lawn care movement”, and Dr. Nick Christians of Iowa State University, who is responsible for the research that resulted in the discovery that corn gluten meal acts as a natural herbicide. We also make sure we’re offering the newest and best products that will generate successful natural lawn care solutions for our clients. For example, we recently became a dealer and distributer of Pure Elements products that optimize soil by using some of nature’s most perfect elements, in addition to our own product line. There is also a difference in liquids organic fertilizers vs. granular organic fertilizers. If there’s one place to “go organic”, shouldn’t it be your lawn? Go organic today!


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