Birds and the Bees

May 10, 2015
  • Birds and the bees

Birds and the Bees

Did you know that the birds and the bees are both on the decline?


Pollen on Honey bee

Pollen on a honey bee

Many people are aware of the so-called Colony Collapse Disorder, but a researcher at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada has found a probable suspect in the declining honey bee population. Bee populations have been falling by 30% to 40% each and every spring since 2006 and a likely cause of this is the varroa mite. In the past, the mite was controlled through the use of chemical pesticides, but overuse has led to the mite developing a resistance to these pesticides. Taking into account the fact that one out of every three forkfuls of food on your plate, is there courtesy of the hard working bee, this situation is quickly becoming very serious.


Birds are in a similar plight. According to the Audubon Society, since 1967 the population of common birds has fallen by 68%. Before we dismiss this fact as being relatively unimportant to our lives, it should be noted that birds play an important part in pollination, the seeding of plants and insect control. While there are many contributing factors to this sharp decline, the loss of habitat and pesticide use are two that are readily apparent and easy to remedy.

Plant Native and Go Organic

How can we help these valuable species survive and, in turn, ensure our food supply remains stable? We must encourage the use of native plants that provide food and shelter to these species. We must also promote plant health care which begins with soils rich in organic matter, rather than the irresponsible blanket spraying of pesticides as a quick fix for pest problems.

It is possible to enjoy healthy lawns and gardens and still protect the environment that provides us with so much. Omaha Organics Lawn Care encourages everyone to become an environmental steward in their own backyard.

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