Weekly Lawn Mowing Program

January 1, 2020
  • Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing is where it all started in 1994. Omaha Organics continues to expand their mowing each day however the main focus of our company, moving forward, will be on fertilizer services. We will continue to post tips and recommendations as needed.

A nice lawn will enhance the look and value of your house or business so enjoy a well-manicured lawn without all the hassle. Our lawn maintenance professionals have the knowledge and skills needed to keep your lawn looking its best. For example a properly mowed lawn will be healthier, thicker, more durable, and less susceptible to weeds, disease, insects, and fungi. Some common mowing mistakes that many people do include cutting grass at the wrong height, using dull blades, and mowing too infrequently will result in damage to your lawn. So leave it to the professionals, and let Omaha Organics make your lawn the best on the block!


We do not recommend bagging your grass clippings. Therefore mulching the clippings will provide you with a few benefits. Clippings do not contribute to thatch.  Grass clippings are primarily water and break down quickly. Returning clippings will recycle valuable nutrients to the soil thereby reducing fertilizer requirements. Most importantly, clippings are not harmful.  If your mower spreads them evenly and if they are not thick enough to shade the grass below. Mulching and recycling lawn mowers are recommended.  In addition most research suggests that mulching mowers and side discharge mowers increase grass clipping breakdown. To sum up catching clippings is labor and time intensive and should only be done if the clippings are used for mulch or compost.

Our Crew

Our 3 mowing foremen have a combined 78 years of mowing experience. As a result we have seen just about every situation and are prepared to handle anything that we encounter in the future.

To sign up and take advantage of all of this please contact Omaha Organics Lawn Care.