Mulch Installation

January 1, 2020
  • Mulch Installation

Mulch Installation

A great way to keep your yard looking good is to re-mulch your landscaping. Mulching your landscaping will give your yard a fresh look and hold in moisture and warmth throughout the winter.

Omaha Organics can provide many different varieties and colors of wood mulch as well as compost mulch. Using mulch in your landscaping and around trees provides a decorative appearance that is ideal for adding curb appeal to yards, flower or shrub beds.

There are also some practical benefits of mulch, such as its ability to retain moisture, maintain even soil temperatures, and deters weed growth. In the cold winter mulch protects plant roots from winter cold and helps prevent frost heaving, in which plants are literally pushed out of the ground by the natural expansion and contraction of the soil as it cools off and heats up.  In the hot summer it helps keep plant roots cooler.

If you are interested in mulch installation please contact Omaha Organics Lawn Care.

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