Bush & Shrub Trimming

January 1, 2020
  • Bush and Shrub Trimming


Proper trimming enhances the beauty of almost any landscape tree and shrub, while improper trimming can ruin or greatly reduce its landscape potential. In most cases, it is better not to prune than to do it incorrectly. Improper pruning methods can often weaken or deform the plant.  Trimming bushes or shrubs, like any other skill, requires knowing what you are doing to achieve success. Omaha Organics can prune your bushes, shrubs, and small/ornamental trees. Trimming addresses architectural concerns such as safety, structural integrity, shape, appearance, and the seasonal character that bushes, shrubs and trees add to your property.

It’s very important to trim bushes back away from a house so they don’t hold in the moisture. This helps reduce mold and mildew growth in the spring and gives your foundation that breathing space it needs. Remember that pruning is the removal or reduction of certain plant parts that are not required, that are no longer effective, or that are of no use to the plant. It is done to supply additional energy for the development of flowers, fruits, and limbs that remain on the plant.

Its important to choose the proper bush or shrub for the area you are landscaping. Some plants may grow larger then expected and require more trimming.

To have your bushes or shrubs trimmed please contact Omaha Organics Lawn Care.

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