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At EverWild Greenspaces we believe that every landscape has the potential to look beautiful, be low-maintenance, and have a positive impact on the environment.

Whether it’s curb appeal to would-be buyers or a pleasant view from your kitchen table, visual appeal is a high priority. Trees create structure and define space. Colorful perennials offer waves of seasonal vibrancy. A meandering flagstone foot path invites you to explore. We can find creative ways to bring year-round beauty and interest to your landscape unlocking its potential to either sooth or stun you.

Although aesthetics are important, we strongly believe that every landscape should be more than just a pretty face. With the vast majority of native wildlife—pollinators, songbirds, fish, amphibians, and so much more—experiencing some sort of decline or peril, we at feel it is of utmost importance that our effect on urban landscapes be as beneficial to the environment as possible. That means we heavily favor the use of natural materials like compost and organic fertilizers. We also avoid and discourage the use of synthetic pesticides.

Trees, Shrubs and Perennials

We almost exclusively specify install trees, shrubs, perennials, and other plant material that is native to the Midwestern United States. Native plants feed, shelter, and sustain native wildlife instead of simply attracting it. That’s a distinction that we put a lot of emphasis on. Using sustainable design techniques, we can utilize those native plants to not only tickle your senses, but also create low-maintenance, efficient, critically valuable urban habitat. Throw in some natural stone and energy-efficient LED landscape lighting, and a full landscape renovation is done before you know it.

One goal at EverWild Greenspaces is to help turn problems into opportunities. Instead of spending valuable resources wiping the slate clean, we’d rather find creative ways to work with a landscape’s existing potential. Is your yard hot and dry? Not a problem. Why haul in tons of topsoil and install an irrigation system to create an expensive, high-maintenance home for pampering picky exotics? We can save a lot of money, muss, and fuss—AND create sustainable habitat—by calling on tried-and-true native prairie plants. These include coneflower, liatris, and agastache for those situations. If you have dense shade, you don’t have to spend a lot of money cutting down trees to let the sun in.

Using our extensive knowledge of native plant material, we can specify and install an assortment of native woodland perennials that have it made in the shade. Rain gardens can be created to stop erosion and manage storm water by guiding, collecting, and utilizing runoff on-site.

Like we said, problems are simply opportunities.

If you are interested in exploring those opportunities and making your corner of the world more beautiful, beneficial, and sustainable, contact please EverWild Greenspaces at 402.915.0874 or kyle@everwildgs.com.

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