Green Yards In December

December 4, 2013
  • Green Grass In December

Green Yards in December

Looking to have a green yard, even in December? We have you covered. One of the many benefits you will see with an organic program is a greener yard that lasts later into the year. Sometimes the greening can last well into December.  We maintain the yard pictured above and have for over a decade since 2016 to be exact.  This picture was taken on Dec 2, 2013.  It is still green even this late into the year, compared to the neighbors! Late December greening does not happen like this every year.  Due to a few other environmental factors, it does happen more often than not.

Other Benefits

  • Other benefits you might not immediately notice with an organic program is that the lawn would also stay greener in the summer during drought conditions, to a certain extent.  By having the available nutrients and proper care the grass can withstand the heat just as it would handle the extreme cold later in the year.
  • Many yards that are on an organic program tend to stay green with less water.  Less water means greater water conservation.  This is always a plus.  This also happens because there are proper nutrients.  Proper nutrients feed the soil instead of mimic the nutrients with synthetic fertilizers. Provide the proper nutrients and give care to a yard and it will require less, including water.
  • A safer product for kids, pets and the environment is what we try to achieve.  There are warm sunny days throughout the winter months and kids and pets still like to play.  By having a safe green lawn in the summer months means that it will also be safe in the wintertime.

Contact us today to take advantage and enjoy some of these benefits all while having a safe green yard.

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