Ag Grade Fetilizers vs. Horticultural Grade Fertilizers

January 30, 2015
  • Ag Grade Fertilizer vs. horticultural Grade Fertilizer

Ag Grade vs. Horticultural Grade Fertilizer

Did you know that there are differences between Ag grade fertilizers and horticultural grade fertilizers?

The first difference is obvious when the Size Guide Number (SGN) of the fertilizer prill is studied. Agricultural grade fertilizers are coarser or larger with SGN’s ranging between 240 and 300. Horticultural grade fertilizers, those intended for use on turf and in gardens, generally range from 150 to 220. The Golf Course industry uses fertilizers with an SGN in between 75-100 for their greens and tees. But why do all of these numbers matter?

The larger the SGN, the less likely you are to have an even distribution of nutrients over a specific area unless it is being applied at a higher volume. Higher SGN’s are acceptable in Agriculture because large volumes are applied over larger areas.

Another important difference is that most Ag grade fertilizers generally only contain one or two macronutrients. They often lack the balanced fertility and micronutrient blend that is the hallmark of a superior quality, horticultural grade fertilizer.

Ag Grade Fertilizer for Turf

There are some Ag Grade fertilizers that are now being marketed to the turf care industry. These products usually have an added slow release nitrogen prill that is much smaller and creates a problem for turf care. The heavier granules are spread first with the majority of the lighter, slow release nitrogen components being applied last. There is no way to ensure an even distribution of the nutrients and the turf will suffer eventually. Fortunately, Omaha Organics know that saving a few bucks isn’t worth the risk of losing a customer or a contract.  That’s why we always use the highest grade products available.

At Omaha Organics we think that you should always know what’s in the bag. To learn more about all of our products please visit our Natural Turf Products page.

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